Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tacky Smack Vinyl Wall Art Installation Photos

Some pics of a recent installation for our new company, Tacky Smack, at the Seattle retail store Retrofit Home located in Capitol Hill... In these shots Tricia and I are putting up a bunch of our vinyl wall art designs in preparation for our launch party! Our new company focuses on vinyl surface art, sometimes referred to as wall tattoos or wall decals, which are essentially removable stickers for a new twist on home decor. Tacky Smack style! The team is: Betsy, Joshua, Tricia and Matthew.

Tricia working out the final details on "Mermaid Spice"

I'm prepping "Hanging Gardens"

Removing transfer tape from "Mermaid Spice" with our "Bombass" collection next door (Fairy, Bleeding Heart, Unicorn)