Thursday, September 30, 2010

Purchasing Power

One of the huge perks gained by practicing Interior Design is exposure to amazing products from all over the world. We've been using the same importer for our pots for over 10 years, and they never disappoint! They always have a massive selection with new colors and shapes, and spread them out accordingly across their giant display lot. As practing professionals, we get a wholesale discount with most of our suppliers as well... meaning we usually end up getting some for ourselves! Not a bad deal to get paid to shop, AND score deals. It's a win win for everyone, since our clients also get access to reduced retail pricing via our purchasing power. Living in Seattle and close to the seaport means there are plenty of overseas importers right at our doorstep. And the Seattle Design Center is full of great showrooms for us to browse with clients.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fabulous Residential Pool and Lounge Design

There are so very many reasons this SPG Architects residence would be an amazing place to call home, if only for a week! A highlight for us is the super well designed pool and lounge area. Located in Costa Rica means the climate nurtures a seamless dance between exterior and interior spaces. The multi-level courtyard allows for this dance to take place throughout the home, as do the large full height window walls that open onto the pool lounge area. The home also has excellent outdoor lighting creating a perfect nighttime escape, complete with an exterior bed at one end of the pool! Check out these great images found on