Monday, October 20, 2008

Spiraling Housing Market Inspired Design Tips

I know everyone’s worried about the current state of the housing market, but these economic fears shouldn't stop us from having STYLE! If you’re looking to revamp your space on a tight budget, remember that money is no substitute for innovation.

Design Tips
On a tight budget, remember to be selective. Pick the most important rooms you wish to revamp and the specific elements and themes that are most significant. Carefully analyze your current home, furnishing and decorations before making a plan. Improve upon what you have, instead of starting completely from scratch.
Buying products secondhand is a key component of budget design. In addition to local thrift locations, most people grab their unique finds online at places like eBay.

The following ideas are simple and inexpensive decorating ways to liven up a room over without breaking the bank.
* Add mirrors to create light and space.
* Repaint cabinets, instead of replacing them. Paint will clean, freshen and liven up a cabinet. Just check with a local paint supply store for advice on painting unusual surfaces.
* Cover imperfections instead of fixing them. For example, place a rug over a discolored spot on your floor or a tapestry on a rough wall.
* Take off the curtains. If you have a nice view, maximize it by removing the window coverings.
* Organize the clutter. Improve a room with neat and organized decorations. Be creative and utilize your decor as storage with baskets or cabinets.
* Create your own wall art. Stencil patterns, wallpaper borders, stick on vinyl, maps, chalkboards are all inexpensive items to create a rooms uniqueness.
* Replace your lampshades.
* Paint. Paint creates a dramatic change for little money and effort. Be brave and try out new colors. Paint only one wall a vibrant color or paint furniture.
Remember these three items to save money without sacrificing quality - paint, fabric and artwork. Replace cost with your own labor. DIY decorating can be enjoyable and cost effective.